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Whats going on at First Class

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    First Class Movers Are Proud To Support Making-It-Home

    “First Class Movers and Making-It-Home are making a true difference for the environment and low-income people in our community. By working together to transport gently used, donated furniture to formerly homeless people, we help them get a fresh start and avoid wasteful, unnecessary dumping in our landfills.” Making-It-Home provides gently used furniture to formerly homeless people who…

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    Home for the Holidays

    After you have moved, and settled in, how do you and your new home celebrate the holidays?

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    Renting, Buying, and the American Dream in Homes

    As the economy changes, so has our relationship with home-ownership. Especially after the housing crash of 2007-2008, many Americans now choose to rent instead of buy. While purchasing a home remains a financial investment, renters have the freedom to move often, following interests and opportunities. Which…

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    Home Technology

    When we move, some of the most exciting parts of the process are the upgrades that come with a new home. This month, CNET’s Home Editors have discussed which new smart technologies they would want in their home, and which they would avoid. Do you agree?

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    Relocating for Cheaper Rent

    Are you using your money in the way that makes you most happiest? Is it possible that paying less rent will free up cash for the things you really love? Take a look at one of the latest US News Money Blogs. The article seems on top of everything except its estimate of moving costs: a professional,…

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